An energy crisis is any great bottleneck (or price rise) in the supply of energy resources to an economy. Oil energy crisis is due to depletion of oil resources and increase in the oil prices. In the current scenario, oil is available in plenty.

But oil is a non-renewable resource. So if we keep on using the oil at this rate, maximum in 40-50 years almost all the oil will be depleted. Thus we need other alternative sources of energy for this depletion. To understand the concept of oil energy crisis let us consider the technical term “peak oil”.

“Peak oil” is the period when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. When this peak oil stage is reached, then it means that the world is in serious oil crisis. So let us consider this graph of production vs time. In this graph the production increases with time. At a certain point of time the graph reaches the maximum production. This is known as peak oil. After reaching this point, the production of the oil decreases drastically and at last it will be brought down to nil.

The 1970’s oil energy crisis

In the 1970’s major industrial nations such as U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Australia and some of the European countries were affected and faced a heavy petroleum shortage. Actually there were two crises that happened during the 1970’s.

·        The 1973 crisis: The main reason for this crisis is that U.S. reached its production peak in this time. Thus the prices of the petroleum increased to a very large extent.

·        The 1979 crisis: this crisis is a much more famous one. This was caused due to the Iranian revolution. This revolution could have led to a world war but that did not happen.



Oil Energy Crisis

Industrial development and population growth are the two main reasons for the crisis. Due to these two reasons, the demand for the oil increases day by day. But the amount of oil present is decreasing. Thus it creates a bottleneck situation and it causes the energy crisis.

Not only oil, all the non-renewable energy sources face this problem. So we have to find certain alternatives, so that these non-renewable energies can be available for a much longer time.


Oil Energy Crisis

There may be many causes to the oil energy crisis. But some of them are:

  • Over-consumption
  • Infrastructure damage
  • Bottlenecks at oil refineries
  • Port facilities that restrict fuel supply

Pipeline failures and other things like that can temporarily stop the oil availability. But damage on the main infrastructure (for example, let us consider a terrorist attack) may cause crisis

Oil Energy Crisis

More information comming soon on Oil Energy Crisis

Oil Energy Crisis

More information comming soon on Oil Energy Crisis


Steam energy


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